Alison Kirkland

Manager HR & Quality, Skyline Rotorua


Alison’s HR career began with Accenture in the UK which was where her passion for employee culture and process started.   A further five years as HR Manager for an international automotive electronics company in South Africa developed Alison’s interest in LEAN manufacturing.

Having worked across a variety of industries including health, forestry and manufacturing and now tourism and hospitality Alison has become a strong advocate for developing healthy staff cultures balanced with sensible, user-friendly systems. 

In 2013, Skyline Rotorua, one of NZ’s leading tourism companies, embarked on a LEAN journey to drive improvements and innovations to deliver on some big goals for growth.  In 2015, Skyline Rotorua won several business awards, including Supreme Winner of 2015 Tourism Industry Association Awards and Westpac Rotorua 2015 Business Excellence Awards.

Alison is excited to share Skyline’s journey and how the Skyline Team involved their staff in developing their own quality system, the Skyline Edge for Excellence Programme, which fits their culture and business needs.


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