Brett Marsh

General Manager Corporate Support, Spectrum Care


A history as a social worker, senior police officer, management consultant and organisational development enthusiast have provided opportunities to see group environments at their most fractured.   Ongoing interest in human cultures across time and space (history and anthropology) and how people work effectively in organisations (Human Resources and Management systems) led Brett to study Arts and Business Studies at University.  He is a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, Member of the Institute of Directors of New Zealand and holds Professional Membership of the HR Institute of New Zealand.  He is an Associate Fellow of the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation and  currently Chair of the Board.  He is also Deputy Chair of the New Zealand Disability Support Network.

He is currently leading the Business Excellence project for his organisation which supports people with disabilities to have a great life.  His team oversees HR, Learning, Research, Quality, Risk, Advocacy Services, International Student Internships, Communications, Business Continuity Planning and cultural support groups.  In 2010 Spectrum Care received a Silver Business Excellence Award making it the highest performing health and disability provider in New Zealand under the Baldrige Criteria and in 2013 achieved a Gold Award taking it to world class.

Brett is an experienced trainer and presenter who speaks at a range of national and international conferences on his various areas of interest.

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