Dr Kevin Foley

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Kevin James Foley

Kevin is an economist with B.Comm (Hons) and M.Comm degrees from the University of New South Wales and a Ph.D from the Australian National University. Prior to entering university Kevin was a member of the Royal Australian Air Force – he retired from Active Service in 1960 and from the Active Reserve in 1978 with the rank of Wing Commander. In the period 1976-1982 Dr Foley was a Member of the Parliament of Victoria, where he was Foundation Chairman of the all-party Parliamentary, Public Bodies Review Committee. For that work he was voted “Parliamentarian of the Year” by the Australian Financial Review in 1982.

Since leaving Parliament, Dr Foley has maintained a close interest in government, tertiary education, management and public affairs.  He was Visiting Professor (Public Administration), Monash University (1982-1985); led three major Committees of Inquiry for the Victorian Government, served as a Member of Council, La Trobe University, and from 1983-1986 was Chairman of the Australian Industrial Research and Development Incentives Board. At that time the R&D Board was the Australian government’s principal instrument for stimulating and supporting R&D in Australian industry. In 1985 Dr Foley was appointed to the Executive of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and became a Member of the CSIRO Board at its inception in December 1986.  During 1986-1987, Dr Foley was Chairman of the Commonwealth Government, Committee of Review of Standards and Accreditation and Quality Control and Assurance. The subsequent 1987 "Foley Report” provided Australia's first comprehensive and authoritative examination of those complex and important issues. In the decade1982-1992 Dr. Foley held a number of senior Commonwealth Government appointments, including Chairman, Wine and Grape Industry Council; Presiding Member, Research Councils Selection Committee; Chairman, Northern Prawn Fishery Management Committee (Australia's largest fishery). 

In 2001 Dr. Foley was appointed Adjunct Professor and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the University of Technology, Sydney, Innovative Collaborations, Alliances and Networks [ICAN] Key Research Centre. Dr Foley was Visiting Professor, University of Melbourne, 2001, Professor, Université de Versailles, France, 2002 – and Visiting Professor, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, 2005-2010. From 2005–2010 Dr. Foley  was Co-Director (with Professor Douglas Hensler) of the Multinational Alliance for the Advancement of Organizational Excellence [MAAOE]; organiser of the fifth meeting of MAAOE in Sydney in January, 2006, and with Philippe Hermel the sixth meeting in Versailles in June 2007. The Sydney and Versailles meetings of MAAOE produced two leading-edge books on quality management and organisation excellence: Kevin Foley; Douglas Hensler and Jan Jonker, (eds.), Quality Management and Organizational Excellence: Oxymorons, Empty Boxes or Significant Contributions to Management Thought and Practice (2007) and Kevin Foley and Philippe Hermel (eds.), New Perspectives on the Theories and Practices of Organization Excellence, 2008.

Dr. Foley was National Patron and Fellow of the Australian Organisation for Quality, 1998-2014; retired from the Boards of Quality Assurance Services, Standards Australia and ICAN in 2001, 2002 and 2007 respectively, was a Member of the Certification Board of SAI Global 2008-2014 and in 2009 (with Theodor Zahner) published Creating and Managing the Sustainable Organization: The Stakeholder Way.

Dr. Foley is an International Academy for Quality, Academician and a recipient of the J M Juran Medal for his outstanding contribution to the development of quality management in Australian industry and commerce. He is presently:

. Professor, Université de Versailles, France,

. Member, Standards Australia Committee, QR-008 [Management Systems] – since 1998

. Member, Australian Delegation to ISO Technical Committee 176 [Quality Management and Quality Assurance] - since 2000

. Convener of ISO Task Group 5: Revision of ISO Handbook, The Integrated Use of  Management System Standards

. Member of the Governing Board, JAS-ANZ

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