Dr Manuel Seidel

Implementation Director, ecoPortal


Manuel is a health and safety, sustainability and integrated risk management systems expert. Manuel completed his PhD in the implementation of sustainable business practices in New Zealand companies. Manuel is co-founder and Implementation and Sales Director of ecoPortal - an online platform that allows organisations to measure, manage and report their risk and sustainability performance and engage stakeholders.

During his PhD research and consulting experience, Manuel founded the ecoWheel Framework – an environmental management and sustainability strategy tool for business. The ecoWheel serves as the central interface of a SHEQ and sustainability programme, allowing stakeholders of the organisation to understand and contribute to the improvement activities of the organisation. He has led the successful implementation of ISO 14001, ISO 9001, AS/NZ 4801 and other management system standards in a range of organisations and is a trained auditor. He is on the New Zealand Technical Committee for ISO and is currently involved in the review of changes to ISO standards.

LinkedIn: nz.linkedin.com/in/manuelseidel/

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