Ian Dalling

?Chair of the Integrated Management Special Interest Group, Chartered Quality Institute


Ian Dalling is the Director of ‘Unified Management Solutions’, specialising in integrated approaches to quality and risk management. He is a Chartered Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, a fellow of the CQI, a specialist fellow of the International Institute of Safety and Risk Management, and holds degrees in engineering and physics.

Ian’s 50 years of professional experience started with the UK Central Electricity Generating Board and subsequent career spanned the design, construction, commissioning, operation, and decommissioning of conventional and nuclear power plants, as well as providing a wide range of quality and risk management consultancy in other major hazard industries. He has been the quality manager for a European Notified Body certifying products under European Product Directives such as the Machinery and Medical Device Directives. He served on the European Process Safety Committee and the British Standards steering committee for BS 8800, a guide on the management of occupational health and safety. He was a principal consultant with the AEA Technology risk management consultancy for ten years.

At the end of 1998 started his own management consultancy with clients based in a variety of industries in the UK and overseas. He chairs the CQI integrated management special interest and led the team that developed MSS 1000:2014, the world’s first universal management system standard facilitating fully integrated management systems without boundaries. He also serves on the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management Technical Committee.

He has been passionately interested and involved with the development and application of integrated management since the early 1980’s and also the unification of management concepts and definitions which has now made a single universal management system standard a reality. He has published several papers and articles on integrated management.

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