Keith Phillips

President and CEO, QLBS


Since heading up Apple in the UK and working as a senior executive for Apple USA, Keith has focused on how technology can change the way we work for the better. For the last 10 years this focus has been on revolutionising the way assessment of quality, accreditation, compliance and excellence is measured, understood and continuously improved.  His company QLBS ( Quantum Leap Beyond Spreadsheets )  has built a “cloud” platform for teams of people  to  conduct any  assessment  collaboratively, capturing evidence, developing action plans, automating reports producing benchmarks and providing insights from  the “Big Data” gathered.

In the process he has worked in ISO, Baldrige, EFQM, Lean and countless other quality, accreditation and excellence models. Keith believes that this fast growing assessment market is at an early information age state and about to significantly change the way the assessment industry works.

Keith has a Business Degree and an International Business Career with Apple, Gillette and Unilever spanning Europe and the USA. He now resides in New Zealand where he has incubated and funded a number of successful technology companies.

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