Philip Cryer

CEO of Telarc SAI Limited


Philip Cryer is the CEO of Telarc SAI Limited. Telarc is New Zealand’s leading certifier of quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management systems, with offices throughout New Zealand. Telarc has built a highly skilled and experienced assessment team capable of supporting a wide range of industries as they seek certification across a variety of regulated and unregulated standards.

Telarc has built its business off the back of 25 years of providing a support service to assess Quality, Environment and Health & Safety management systems. More recently Telarc has been growing its presence in the Food Safety business with an increased highly skilled and experienced team of people able to support FSP, HAACP, ISO22000, FSC22000, BRC, WQA and Wine audits.

Recently Telarc has been experiencing, first-hand, the increased desire by New Zealand business to incorporate two major changes into the way in which they manage their management systems, and the retain audit bodies to assess them.

The first is in the Health & Safety space. Telarc is increasingly being asked to play a role as a provider of “bottom up” Gap analysis against multiple benchmarks. This is forming the basis of fact based conversations for Leadership teams and Boards to have to improve their combined understanding of their roles and responsibilities in the H&S domain, driven as a result of the recently introduced new H&S at Work Act.

The second area of growth is the desire by organisation’s to conduct integrated audits. The recognition is that taking busy people out of the business on multiple occasions to ask like questions impacts Productivity. By integrating the number of interventions into the business to assess Management systems, time can be saved. On top of this, increasingly mature businesses are recognizing that the Quality, Environmental and H&S portfolios are becoming inextricably linked. The end result is increasing requests to conduct audits to 3, sometimes 4-5, standards on one visit. 


  • Increase awareness of standards, management systems and the latest business improvement frameworks and techniques
  • Effective implementation of management systems and assurance programmes
  • Enhance capability to audit and maintain internal management systems
  • Reduce waste and defects to enhance desired outcomes from processes
  • Go beyond compliance and build a culture of continuous improvement across organisational systems and processes, based on enhanced knowledge and capability
  • We support Food Safety, Adventure Tourism, Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety  Management systems for regulated and       non-regulated schemes.


To find out more got to or call 0800 004 004.

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