Sarah Benjamin

Sarah Benjamin is a licensed practitioner of the Vanguard Method for Vanguard Consulting Ltd, with whom she has been working since 2003.

British born, and from an HR and Marketing background, Sarah discovered the work of John Seddon, founder of Vanguard Consulting, having become increasingly frustrated with the very conventional, target driven, functionalized work environment she was in.

On reading John Seddon’s book “Freedom from Command and Control”, she found not only an articulation of her frustrations, but an explanation as to why they existed, and more importantly an alternative logic.

It became the start of a passion to help organisations have the opportunity to understand themselves from a different point of view that would, in the end, bring her to New Zealand in 2007, establishing Vanguard New Zealand.

The Vanguard Method draws on the principles of the Toyota Production System and the work of W Edwards Deming, and has been uniquely transposed by Vanguard to be used within service industries (combining systems thinking - how the work works with intervention theory - how to change it). 

Sarah has worked in both the private, and public sector in UK, New Zealand and Australia helping them transform their organisations to increase revenue, reduce costs and dramatically improve morale.

Work in New Zealand has included Central Otago and Marlborough District Councils, The Department of Internal Affairs, the Real Estate Agents Authority, Maritime New Zealand, Massey University and most recently the New Zealand Fire Service and te Whanau-a-Apanui.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys time with her family, and is a qualified yoga teacher, teaching weekly classes in Wellington.

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