Tony Rew

Health, Safety and Quality Business Partner, Genesis Energy


Tony is a Quality Practitioner who has amassed extensive knowledge and experience in diverse industries globally over the last 30 years. Starting his working life as an Analytical Chemist, Tony was introduced into the world of Quality Management whilst working for a manufacturing Metallurgist and he later moved to the health care, petrochemical, industrial services, waste management, power generation and aerospace industries.  

Tony has been involved in a wide variety of cutting edge technology projects including the development of a super thin prophylactic and the design development of the A380-the new super jumbo. He was a founding member of the Chartered Quality Institute (formerly the IQA) when it received a Royal Charter in the 2006. He is a RABQSA Certified Lead Auditor and trained as a Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma Business Improver.

Tony was recruited by Beca in 2007 as a Quality Specialist and emigrated from England to New Zealand. Within a few months, he attended the meetings of the Northern Branch of the NZOQ and was elected Vice-Chair in 2011 and has subsequently become the Chair since 2012.

Tony has a passion for Quality and, particularly, for Integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems which he has developed for several New Zealand companies. Tony is currently engaged in a project to simplify organisation management documentation through digital transformation for the new workplace.

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