Zhang Gang

Mr. Zhang has a solid education background graduating from Wuhan Institute of Technology, and has received training of Information technology and modern management in London.  A main leader and Chief General/Executive Engineer of AQSIQ, mainly engaged in research, enactment and implementation of policies and regulations of macro-quality management and quality development strategy before 2011.
2011—date (expected 2021) Counselor of the State Council, appointed by the Premier of the State Council of China, mainly engaged in research and strategic consulting of National policies of quality development.
Served as the leader of the team to draft the “China Quality Development Outline (2011-2020)” issued by the State Council, which is the medium and long-term plan of Economic and social development, and the programmatic document of quality development of China.
Presided over the first National Quality Analysis Report and submitted to the State Council of China.
Served as the leader of the "National Quality Index System" design joint working  group, and created the quality index system of the product quality qualified rate and the quality competitiveness

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